Become part of our emerging AgeTech hub

The Innovation Warehouse is establishing London’s primary AgeTech hub, providing our mentoring and investment raising services and experience to companies which will make a difference to the lives of the growing ageing population; whether through technology, processes or the designs that this demographic wants and needs.

Ageing populations globally have created the ‘Third Age Economy’

We are experiencing a great demographic change across much of the world.
A child in the OECD born after 2007 now has a 50% chance of living beyond one hundred.
As life expectancy has improved so has the income of the older population, as many over
sixties remain in high status jobs and also ‘sit’ upon a lifetime’s accumulation of wealth.
The consequence being that the over 50s having 47% of the spending power in the UK

  • There are now more people in the UK aged 60+ than there are under 18 (ONS via AgeUK)

  • UK home care market £24bn/year (Laing Buisson)

  • Global elderly and assistive devices market $26bn/year by 2024 (CMI, Forbes)
  • Through our partnerships with organisations such as Aging 2.0, academic, commercial and medical bodies, as well as our network of active investors we are able to assist early stage businesses breaking into in this new and exciting sector.

    Early stage digital technology companies

    Typical investment sizes range between £150k – £500k

    Focus on technologies and processes addressing needs of the growing older demographic

    B2B/B2C agnostic

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