Become part of our emerging AgeTech & Longevity hub

Innovation Warehouse has established London’s AgeTech & Longevity Hub, providing mentoring and corporate finance services to early-stage technology companies in these fast-developing sectors.
We believe that one of the most important fields of innovation and endeavour is to work to extend healthier lifespans and maintain quality of life for our growing, ageing population.
We seek a present where people age better and live longer independently. Get in touch.

We want to meet early stage technology companies with commercial propositions addressing the following opportunities:

  • Commercial businesses with an ageing component
  • The Silver Economy – providing services for the ‘wants’ of the older demographic
  • Supporting independent living – addressing the ‘needs’ of the older demographic
  • Longevity – extending healthy lifespans
  • Geroscience

AI, Genomics, IoT, Data, Robotics, FinTech, E-Commerce, Ageless Design, HealthTech, Wearables – all have a part to play.

Through our partnerships with organisations such as Aging 2.0, academic, commercial and medical bodies, as well as our network of active investors we are able to assist early stage businesses breaking into in this new and exciting sector.

Early stage digital technology companies

Typical investment sizes range between £150k – £500k

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