Invest in world class tech startups

Vetted by the Innovation Warehouse team. We work with early stage companies which have solid, intelligent technical solutions and strong IP.

Take advantage of a typical Innovation Warehouse opportunity

Early stage digital technology companies that are post seed

Typical investment sizes range between £150k – £500k

Sector Agnostic, but always tech

What sort of investors are we looking for?

The typical Innovation Warehouse investor is an exited entrepreneur who has a strong understanding of how to help a company scale & execute and/or an individual with deep sector specific knowledge. Investors are vetted before approval to join the angel syndicate, which comprises 250 plus active investors.

We attract the best digital talent and support them in their post seed funding journey

Since 2010, Innovation Warehouse has helped over 100 tech startup companies through different stages of their growth. The combination of our partners – Beacon Capital, Startup Funding Club among others, coupled with our in-house team of experts, means we attract quality early stage companies with the ambition to grow.

  • 12 investment forums per year with pre-vetted and mentored businesses

  • 35 million funding created for 50 companies in the WISE programme

  • Showcase of 40+ high growth opportunities a year
  • Join our Investor Network

    Our startup selection process

    Wednesday Pitch Day

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    Wednesday Pitch Day

    Innovation Warehouse runs a weekly pitching event, every Wednesday at 1:00 pm.

    The startup team makes a quick fire pitch to the Innovation Warehouse Investment team. This helps us to understand the investment proposition & also gives the founder of the startup a chance to interact with us.

    1-2-1 deep dive meeting

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    1-2-1 deep dive meeting

    Post Pitch, if our investment team believes the proposition fits our criteria, we’ll have a 1-2-1 meeting with the founders and investigate the proposition with an aim to better understand the business plan & objectives. According to the stage the startup is at, we might recommend that they go through the WISE Programme for investment readiness.

    Investment Forum

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    Investment Forum

    We select the best 4-5 companies that have been pre-vetted by the investment team

    We continue to have a close relationship with all our investors. We understand what each individual is looking for based on past experiences or interest and make sure we connect you with the companies that you would be interested in.

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    A selection from the many high growth the start ups invested in by our network: