London could rival Silicon Valley as a Longevity biotech hub – DKA

18 September 2018
The UK can easily outperform other countries to become a significant leader in the Longevity tech industry, according to research group Deep Knowledge Analytics (DKA).

DKA said the UK could achieve this goal through the integration of biomedicine with financial technology (including pension funds, insurance companies etc.), positioning the Longevity industry “at the convergence of biomedicine and [the] financial industry”.

“In business, [the] Longevity topic in Silicon Valley is strong, but the valuation of some of the companies there might overhyped, and this puts the UK at an advantage: the same technologies and companies are evaluated more realistically here,” DKA states in its UK Longevity report.

So what actions need to be taken to realise this vision? According to DKA, it’s “synergy and [the] optimised assembly of existing resources”.

“What’s missing is a political decision to marshal these resources effectively. Technology hubs don’t just happen. There is almost always a government initiative involved at some point,” says DKA.

“Silicon Valley for example became a centre of gravity in the tech industry due to a series of government programs such as the Aeronautics and Space Act and the establishment of industrial parks.

“Imagine what could be achieved if the UK seized with both hands the opportunity to create a national program (in the vein of the Manhattan Project), or at least intensively foster the Longevity industry, doing for Longevity what Japan did for robotics.”

Innovation Warehouse previously reported how an ageing population and historically low birth rates could place the UK squarely in the path of a “Silver Tsunami”, increasing demand for healthcare and other services and setting the stage for a wave of thriving tech startups.

As part of the work underway at our AgeTech & Longevity Hub, Innovation Warehouse is proud to have contributed to DKA’s exhaustive report, which aims to outline the history, present state and future of the industry.

The report profiles hundreds of companies, investors, and trends, offering guidance on the optimal ways in which UK stakeholders, as well as government officials, can enable the industry to reach its full potential as a global longevity science and preventative medicine hub.

Giving UK-based tech firms a bird’s-eye view of Geroscience – AKA the science of ageing – is a key aim. The report outlines the main branches of study in this “longevity-progressive country” and introduces the key researchers active in the field.

Click here to download the full Longevity report and learn more about our AgeTech & Longevity Hub.