Start-up HeySuccess helps send first West African man to space

by Bianca Anason, 21 October 2015

Last week, one of our start-ups, HeySuccess announced that one of their mentees had been announced as a finalist in the Rising Star Programme. The programme is a collaboration between Kruger Cowne, One Young World and Spaceship Earth Grants to send one person to space in 2016.

On the 2nd of November, Freeman Osunga was announced by John Simpson and Sir Bob Geldof as one of three finalists in the competition. Freeman came across the opportunity on and if successful will make history as the first West African man in space.

HeySuccess has been with us for two years and currently has 50,000 registered users worldwide. Through opportunities such as the Rising Star Programme, HeySuccess has offered hundreds of thousands of students amazing CV-boosting opportunities across the globe…and now outside of it.
In the history of space travel only one African man has travelled to the moon; Mark Shuttleworth made headlines in 2002 as the first South African man in space. Though Mark made history for the country, Freeman’s journey would be a landmark achievement for Africa and the history of space travel alike. Of the 536 people to enter space only 15 have been black – Freeman’s journey is one of more than personal opportunity.

Freeman, originally from Nigeria, recently spent six months doing humanitarian work in Sierra Leone as part of the African Union’s Ebola Response Team. If selected as a crew member, he plans to use the opportunity to launch a ‘Global Climate Care Advocacy Programme’ to bring attention to the danger that climate change poses and the urgent action that is needed.

HeySuccess are fully supporting the campaign to #SendFreemanToSpace, and with the winner being announced next month, we wish Freeman the best of luck in joining the thousands of other HeySuccess users in achieving their dreams.