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Setting goals for success

Are you clear on where you are heading in your job/career/business? Do you have a vision? Can you see it? Smell it? Taste it? Do you have a clear roadmap for how to get from where you are now to that vision? Are you aware of the obstacles in your path? The key skills, knowledge, experience & resources you will need? The help & support you’ll require?If you have a vision but no plan then sadly, it’s a wish. This 3-hour workshop shares a tried & tested framework for goal setting & action planning

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Java Taster Session

Are you a completely new to the world of programming? If so, please join the 2-hour long, friendly and relaxed workshop which will introduce you to the Java programming language and the basics of program development.

How to Find your Voice and Express it Compellingly

Women With Voices is a safe hub where women can learn, laugh and make mistakes to find the courage to discover their voices. It's where they are empowered with the skills to express that voice compellingly so that they are dynamic and memorable when speaking to large groups of people and where they are confident in any given situation.

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Expert Hours and Pizza Lunch

For our next Pizza Lunch and Expert Hours at Innovation Warehouse, Business Law Online, legal sponsor to FFWD London and a provider of legal services will be sharing their knowledge on the ten fundamental legal considerations for small business. This will be hosted by Robert Taylor and Amanda Williams.

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