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Styling for the Stage

Albert Mehrabian discovered that first impressions of a speaker is drawn from what they hear and see. His research, known as the 7-38-55 percent rule found that only 7% is content, 38% is the quality of the speakers voice and 58% is body language and appearance.

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How to project bombastic body language

In this session, you will explore a range of tools to develop a body language that is confident, engaging and bold. You will look at ways in which we can use our bodies and/or props to energise our words. And also talk about how to recognise and handle distracting body language we may encounter in our work, social life or personal life.

Selling on websites: converting visitors to customers

this presentation will explore ways to make your website do a better job of selling. You’ll learn a framework for creating content strategies, and leverage usability principles that persuade visitors to sign on. workflows that integrate data with design will be discussed, and you’ll learn techniques to maximise revenue that you can start using tomorrow.

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